Frank Flatters: Writings

Here is a selection of my writings. Most are written specifically for policy makers and a few for a more academic audience. However, they are all policy-oriented and are meant to be readable by non-specialists. For ease of browsing, they are grouped, somewhat arbitrarily, according to general subject matter. See also Geekonomics and oher newspaper columns on my Commentary page. For much more on the South African motor industry click here.

   Trade and Industrial Policies in Southern Africa
  SADC RoO in Textiles and Clothing   Updated Presentation on MIDP/APDP  

SADC members' industrial and tariff policies in textiles and clothing impede regional and global integration, February 2011.  pdf file


update of 2005 presentation on MIDP, incorporating further data and some analysis of APDP, July 2009.   pdf file

  South African Electricity Prices   South Africa's Trade and Industrial Policies
  notes on electricity pricing and power shortages in South Africa, May 2008.   pdf file   a critique of South Africa's trade and industrial policies (2008, with Matthew Stern).   pdf file
  Lessons on Investment Promotion: Ramatex, Namibia   AGOA's 'Commercial Availability' Requirement: Denim  

a review of lessons arising from a large textile and clothing investment (study completed before factory closed) (with Paulina Elago).   pdf file


an examination of the harmful effects of a restrictive sourcing requirement for denim products shipped under AGOA .   pdf file

  The Economics of MIDP   Trade and Poverty in SA: Motor Industry Case Study  
  subsidies provided by South Africa's Motor Industry Development Program (MIDP) and some of the economic costs.   pdf file  

a look at some of the implications for the poor of industrial policy in the South African motor industry (with Nnzeni Netshitomboni).   pdf file

   Regionalism in Southern Africa
  Updated Review of SADC RoO   SADC Challenges (background paper)  

Review of structure and implementation of SADC rules of origin, as part of SADC Trade Audit, May 2012.  pdf file


how SADC integration can be used to foster productivity growth and help meet regional development needs, September 2010.  pdf file

  SADC Challenges (presentation)   SACU Revenue Sharing (II)  

presentation on SADC integration challenges prepared for launch of new SADC Trade Hub project, November 2010.  pdf file


deeper analysis of fundamental problems with SACU revenue sharing and trade policy-making arrangements, August 2006 (with Matthew Stern).   pdf file

  SACU Revenue Sharing (I)   Reforming SADC Rules of Origin  

problems in implementing the new Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU) revenue sharing formula (with Matthew Stern).   pdf file


appraisal of SADC rules of origin prepared as part of mid-term review of Trade Protocol; analysis of lessons learned in SADC and elsewhere; proposals for reform.  pdf file

  An MIDP for SADC?   Rules of Origin as Development Tools? Some Lessons from SADC  

assessment of the feasibility and benefits of emulating South Africa's MIDP in the rest of SADC; proposals for amending treatment of the motor industry in the Trade Protocol.   pdf file


flawed uses of rules of origin in trade preferences for developing countries; dangers of regional approaches to trade liberalization (revised Oct. 2004).  pdf file

  Rent-Seeking in SADC: RoO & Trade in Wheat Products   Revenue Implications of SADC   

political economy of trade policies for wheat products in SADC; reasons for and consequences of failed trade liberalization.   pdf file


estimating and thinking about the fiscal implications of the SADC Trade Protocol.  pdf file

  SADC Rules of Origin: Undermining Regional Free Trade    The SADC Trade Protocol: Impacts, Issues and the Way Ahead    

synthesis of research project on SADC rules of origin, presented at TIPS Annual Forum, Johannesburg South Africa, September 9-11, 2002.  pdf file

  initial discussion of strategic issues and pitfalls in SADC regional integration.  pdf file  
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   WTO and Country Issues
  Multilateral, Regional and Unilateral Options for Africa   Nepal: Porous Borders, Revenue Targets and Rent-Seeking  
  review of strategic options for Africa's global integration, prepared as chapter for UNECA Report on Regional Integration in Africa (ARIA), 2003.  pdf file  

in Glenn Jenkins et al Re-Engineering of Tax Systems in Low Income Countries: A Case Study of Nepal Boston, Dordrecht and London: Kluwer Academic Publishers 2002.

  The WTO in the Millennium     Ghana's Trade Policies: Tariff Rate Structures and Revenues  

for the MIER National Economic Outlook Conference on Managing Economic Change Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2001.  pdf file

  USAID-funded research report prepared for Government of Ghana, 1999.  pdf file  
  Ghana's Trade Policies: Exemptions from Import Duty    Vietnam and AFTA: By Choice or Obligation?  

USAID-funded research report prepared for Government of Ghana, 1999. pdf file

  UNDP-Funded Research Report No. 4, Bureau of the National Committee for ASEAN, Office of the Government of Vietnam, Hanoi, September 1997. pdf file  
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   The Asian Crisis
  Thailand and the Crisis: Roots, Recovery and LR Competitiveness   Thailand, the IMF and the Economic Crisis: First In, Fast Out?  

in Asia Competiveness Report 1999 Geneva: World Economic Forum; revised later for Jeffrey Sachs, Klaus Schwab and Wing Thye Woo (eds.) The Asian Financial Crisis: Lessons for a Resilient Asia Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 2000. pdf file

  in Peter Chow and Brendan Gill (eds.) Weathering the Storm: The Asian Financial Crisis and Taiwan's Role in the Region Washington DC: The Brookings Institution, 2000.  pdf file  
  Comparative Social Impacts of the Asian Economic Crisis   ASEAN and the Crisis: Lessons for Vietnam    

in TDRI Social Impacts of the Asian Economic Crisis in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines Bangkok: Thailand Development Research Institute, 1999 (with Sauwalak Kittiprapas and Chalongphob Sussangkarn).

  UNDP-Funded Research Report no. 7, Department of International Economic Organizations, Office of the Government of Vietnam, Hanoi, October 1998.  pdf file  
  Thailand: Recovery Prospects and Opportunities   Lao PDR: Macroeconomic Strategy  

Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia, 2000; principal author of three chapters of publication by East Asia Analytical Unit, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

  UNDP-funded research report prepared for Ministry of Planning and Investment, 2000.  pdf file  
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  Administrative Corruption and Taxation   Corruption and the Media in Thailand (in Thai)  

in International Tax and Public Finance 2, 1995 (397-417); reprinted in Gianluca Fiorentini and Stefano Zamagni (eds.) The Economics of Illegal Markets Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Company, 1999 (with W. Bentley MacLeod).  pdf file

  for Thailand Development Research Institute Year-End Conference Transparency and Uncorrupt Society November 2000 (with Duangkamol Chotana).  
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   Fiscal Issues
  Fiscal Challenges of Regional Integration   Tax Incentives: Lessons for Malaysia  

presentation at IMF conference on Revenue Mobilization in Africa, Nairobi, March 2011.  pdf file

  presentation to National Tax Conference of the Malaysia Institute of Taxation, Kuala Lumpur, August 2005.  pdf file  
  Are Investment Incentives Biased Against Small Firms in Thailand?   Tax Holidays: Give Them a Vacation  

in Journal of Developing Areas, October 1996 (with Robin Boadway and J-F Wen).

  in TDRI Quarterly Review, vol. 11, no. 3, September 1996, reprinted in The Nation (Bangkok) September 1996.  
  Investment Incentives and the Corporate Tax System in Malaysia   Indirect Taxes and Investment Incentives in Malaysia  

in Anwar Shah (ed.) Fiscal Incentives for Investment in Developing Countries New York: Oxford University Press, 1995 (with Robin Boadway and Dale Chua).

  in Anwar Shah (ed.) Fiscal Incentives for Investment in Developing Countries New York: Oxford University Press, 1995 (with Robin Boadway and Dale Chua).  
  Principles of Natural Resource Taxation   Equalization in a Federal State: An Economic Analysis  

a practical policy guide to principles of and lessons from international experience in resource taxation, with special reference to low and middle income countries, for the World Bank, 1993 (with Robin Boadway).  pdf file

  research report for the Economic Council of Canada, 1982 (with Robin Boadway).  
  The Efficiency Basis for Regional Employment Policies   Public Goods, Efficiency and Regional Fiscal Equalization  

first published in the Canadian Journal of Economics in 1981, and reprinted in Arnold Harberger and Glenn Jenkins (eds.) Cost-Benefit Analysis Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Company (with Robin Boadway).

  originally published in the Journal of Public Economics in 1974, this piece has been reprinted many times, most recently in Dennis C. Mueller (ed.) The Economics of Politics Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Company (with Peter Mieszkowski and Vern Henderson).  
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