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As both a form of therapy and an exercise in social responsibility I feel it is important to comment on public policy issues falling within my area of expertise. My blog and Twitter feed provide convenient outlets for this. The op-ed pages of newspapers are another.

In 2006, at the invitation of South Africa's Business Day, Matthew Stern and I started Geekonomics, a monthly economic policy commentary. This went on much longer than we had anticipated, but after more than two years of writing we decided to take a break. Nevertheless, the columns have aged well and many of the discussions remain topical.

Here are links to our Geekonomics columns and some other opinion pieces I have done for newspapers in South Africa and Thailand.




Here are links to Geekonomics, a policy commentary written with my DNA Economics colleague Matthew Stern for Business Day, South Africa's leading business and economics newspaper.

South Africa's Electricity Problem (March 2008)

New Year; Simiiar Wishes (Feb. 2008)

Industrial Policy:Local Lessons (Dec. 2007)

South African Procurement Policies (Nov. 2007)

Uses and Abuses of Investment Incentives (Oct. 2007)

A New Industrial Policy Strategy? (Sept. 2007)

Peculiarities of SACU (Aug. 2007)

Learning from SE Asia (July 2007)

A White Elephant IDZ (June 2007)

Improving SA's Anti-Dumping Law (May 2007)

Perversities in Government Procurement (April 2007)


Protection and Exports (March 2007)

New Year; Old Wishes (Feb. 2007)

Why IBSA? (Dec. 2006)

Used Stuff (Nov. 2006)

Transparency, Accountability and Economics (Oct. 2006)

Waiting for the MIDP Review (Sept. 2006)

Benefits of South Africa's Trade Liberalization (Aug. 2006)

A Two Track Tariff Policy for SA? (July 2006)

SA's Trade in Health Services (June 2006)

The DTI's Strategy Revealed (May 2006)

Does SA's Immigration Policy Make Sense? (April 2006)

SA Garment Industry Woes (March 2006)

A Trade Policy Wish List (Feb. 2006)

The Problem with Upstream Industries (Dec. 2005)

The SACU-Mercosur PTA: Where's the Beef? (Nov. 2005)

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The Burden of Bailouts The Nation, Bangkok 1998

Thailand's 'IMF Program' The Nation, Bangkok 1999

The Media and Corruption in Thailand The Nation, Bangkok 2001

A Subsidy is a Subsidy Business Day, South Africa 2009



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