Publications and Work in Progress

In Progress

"Search and the dynamics of house prices and construction" with Allen Head and Amy Sun, September 2010.

Under Review

"Housing Liquidity, Mobility and the Labour Market" with Allen Head, October 2010. Revised and resubmitted to the Review of Economic Studies

"Implementation Cycles, Growth and the Labour Market" with Patrick Francois, April 2010. Submitted to the Journal of Economic Growth.


"Schumpeterian Business Cycles with Pro-Cyclical R&D" with Patrick Francois, Review of Economic Dynamics, vol 12 (4), October 2009, pp. 567-591.

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"Using Financial Market Information to Enhance Canadian Fiscal Policy" with Xiaodong Zhu, Public Finance and Management, vol. 6 (2), August 2006.

"Tax Smoothing with Stochastic Interest Rates: A Re-assessment of Clinton's Fiscal Legacy," with Shiqiang Zhan and Xiaodong Zhu, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol. 37 (4), August 2005, pp. 699-724.

"Endogenous Insecurity and Economic Development" with Nicolas Marceau, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 72 (1), October 2003, pp. 1-29.
"Animal Spirits Through Creative Destruction" with Patrick Francois, American Economic Review, vol. 93 (3), June 2003, pp. 530-550. You can find the unpuplished appendix to this paper here.

"On the Impacts of Inequality on Growth in the Short and Long Run: A Synthesis", Canadian Public Policy, Vol. 29, supplement 1, March 2003.

"Twin Engines of Growth: Technology and Skills as Equal Partners in Balanced Growth" with Joanne Roberts, Journal of Economic Growth, vol. 7 (2), June  2002, pp. 87-115

"Fiscal Shocks and Fiscal Risk Management'' with Xiaodong Zhu, Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 48 (2), October 2001, pp. 309-338. The Not-For-Publication Appendix can be obtained here.

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"Using country balance sheet data to predict debt rescheduling'' with George McKenzie and Steve Thomas, Economic Letters, Vol. 31 (2), 1989, pp. 173-7.

Other Papers

"The Impacts of Inequality on Productivity Growth: A Primer," HRDC Applied Research Branch, Strategic Policy Research Paper No. R-00-3E, May 2000.
"On the Role of Embodied and Investment-Specific Technological Change in the New Economy: A Survey," Bank of Canada Research Report, November 2001.