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Frankonomics: My occasional blog, with observations on and discussion of topical economic policy issues.

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Geekonomics: Economic commentaries done with Matthew Stern, my DNA Economics colleague, for South Africa's Business Day—old but still surprisingly relevant.

South Africa's MIDP/APDP: Government support of the motor industry, an industrial policy issue that I find difficult to escape.

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I am Professor Emeritus of Economics. My academic work centered on aspects of applied welfare economics including international trade, fiscal decentralization, cost-benefit analysis and corruption. A number of fundamental contrbutions have been widely quoted and reprinted.

Following early retirement from Queen's I worked as a policy economist—as a researcher, advisor, commentator, mentor and sometime amateur journalist. I worked in a number of countries in Asia and Africa on a variety of issues, including the design, evaluation and reform of trade, regulatory, fiscal and industrial policies. Synergies and complementarities among my research, advisory work and teaching can be seen in some of my selected Writings.

I now live in Bangkok, my retirement home and base for reading, writing and travel.