ECON 222 - Macroeconomic Theory I

Term: Spring 2011


Babak Mahmoudi
Office: Dunning Hall 332
Office Hours: Wednesday 11:30-13:30

T.A.:Tiantian Dai
Office: Dunning Hall 347
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00-11:30



For question 3 on assignment 2, the initial money supply is M=880. This is not going to affect your answer. So answers with M=700 are also correct.
For question 3 on assignment 2, add the equation for the money market M/P=Y-100i.
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Course Slides:

Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Math review
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Exercise Sheets:

Assignment 2 (updated: equation for money market is added for question 3)
Practice web exercise, chapter 8-9 (not for credit)
Assignment 1
Assignment 1-Answers to non-excel questions

Erik Hurst on Housing and Unemployment (starting 11:40 on unemployment)
Joseph Stiglitz on Problems with GDP as an Economic Barometer
Keynes vs. Hayek (Source:

Blogs and Articles:

How Government Prolonged the Depression By Harold Cole, and Lee Ohanian
Ben Bernanke on the impact of oil prices and the U.S. economy.
Casey Mulligan on unemployment 2
Casey Mulligan on unemployment