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The Original Journal of Applied Econometrics Data Archive

No papers have been added to this site since late 2022. Files for papers that were previously listed as forthcoming will eventually be moved to the directories for the issues in which they appeared. However, those directories will omit some papers where the files went directly to the new Data Archive.

For papers published in each of the indicated issues, click in the appropriate place below:

Papers are arranged in subdirectories named after their authors. In most cases, the subdirectory will contain a "readme" file and a single zip file that may contain one or more data files. In almost all cases, the zip files will have been created on DOS or Windows systems. It is therefore necessary to use "unzip -a" when decompressing them on Linux or Unix systems.

A Unix-style directory of the JAE Data Archive is available. At present, there is no index of data directories by paper title. However, search engines such as Google can be used to find them. Just put in "JAE Data Archive" and at least part of the title and/or authors' names.

Each paper has a permanent URL, the unique part of which is the name of the first author followed by a 3-digit number. All the permanent URLs may be found in this directory.

Summary statistics on accesses to the JAE Data Archive are available.

James G. MacKinnon
Data Archive Maintainer

jgm [AT] econ.queensu.ca
613 533-2293

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