ECON 351* -- Introductory Econometrics

Section B -- Winter Term 2000

STATA Tutorial Schedule -- Winter Term 2000

* Place: Room 350 Dunning Hall

* Weekly Tutorial Times -- Winter Term 2000

Unless you are notified otherwise, Room 350 Dunning Hall will be open each week of term to ECON 351* students at the following times:

* What to Bring to Tutorials

* Timetable for STATA Tutorials -- Winter Term 2000

In eight weeks of the term, students are expected to work through one of the prepared tutorials in STATA Tutorials for ECONOMICS 351*. In weeks designated as "Open" there will be no current tutorial assigned, but ECON 351* students are encouraged to use the scheduled tutorial times in Room 350 Dunning Hall for their own course-related work. The following schedule is tentative, and may be changed.

Last updated on February 10, 2000.

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