Doctoral Students

Gregor Smith

  • Rokon Bhuiyan, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, California State University Fullerton. Ph.D. May 2009.
    Identifying Monetary Policy in Open Economies.

  • Martin Boileau, Professor, Department of Economics, University of Colorado. Ph.D. December 1993.
    Essays on International Growth and Cycles.

  • Irene Chan, Economist, Enbridge Consumers Gas. Ph.D. November 1998. (co-supervisors: Allan Gregory and James MacKinnon)
    Three Essays on the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy.

  • Mark Crosby, Director, Monash College. Ph.D. January 1994. (co-supervisor: Michael Devereux)
    Three Essays on Monetary Policy.

  • Chris D'Souza, Principal Economist, Bank of Canada. Ph.D. June 1999.
    Information and Learning in Foreign Exchange Markets.

  • Geoffrey Dunbar, Director, Bank of Canada. Ph.D. August 2006. (co-supervisors: Allen Head and Sumon Majumdar)
    Banking on Collateral.

  • Raphaelle Gauvin-Coulombe (in progress, co-supervisor: Allan Gregory)

  • Richard Guay, Professeur, Département de Finance, ESG UQÀM. Ph.D. December 1992.
    Asset Pricing: The Risk-Free Rate and Risk Premium Across Time and Countries.

  • Monica Jain, Principal Economist, Bank of Canada. Ph.D. December 2012.
    Measuring Forecasters' Perceptions of Inflation Persistence.

  • Kim Huynh, Senior Research Advisor, Bank of Canada. Ph.D. August 2004.
    Dynamic Diversification and Transactions.

  • Daniel Kanda, Economist, International Monetary Fund. Ph.D. September 1998.
    Optimal Fiscal Policy Propagation of Monetary Shocks.

  • Edward Kutsoati, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Tufts University. (co-supervisor: Dan Bernhardt ) Ph.D. December 1998.
    Dodos, Contrarians, and Central Bankers: Essays on Incentives and Contracts .

  • Jean-François Lamarche, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Brock University. Ph.D. May 2002. (co-supervisor: Allan Gregory )
    Asymptotic and Bootstrap Evaluations of the Size and Power of Test Statistics.

  • Marc-André Letendre, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, McMaster University. Ph.D. September 1999.
    Essays on Numerical Solution Methods, Incomplete Markets and International Business Cycles.

  • Margaux MacDonald, Economist, International Monetary Fund. Ph.D. June 2016. (co-supervisor Allan Gregory)
    International Capital Flows and Monetary Policy Spillovers.

  • James McNeil (in progress)

  • Todd Mattina, VP Portfolio Construction and Chief Economist, IMCO. Ph.D. January 2002. (principal supervisors: Allen Head and Beverly Lapham )
    International Prices and Exchange Rates.

  • Michel Normandin, Professeur titulaire, Institut d'économie appliquée, École des HEC de Montréal. Ph.D. September 1992.
    Precautionary Saving due to Labour Income Uncertainty: An Explanation for Excess Smoothness and Excess Sensitivity of Consumption.

  • Michal Popiel, Senior Economist, Analysis Group. Ph.D. April 2017. (co-supervisor: Morten Nielsen)
    An Empirical Investigation of the Transmission and Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policies.

  • Graham Pugh, Director, CPPIB. Ph.D. September 1991. (co-supervisors: Thomas McCurdy and Ieuan Morgan)
    An Empirical Investigation of Risk Premia in Alternative Futures Market Positions.

  • Murugesu Sivasangaram, Manager of Statistics and Analysis, Ministry of Family, Community, and Child Services, Government of Ontario. Ph.D. October 1991.
    Deposit Insurance and Banks' Risk-Taking Incentives with Forbearance and Uncertain Insolvency Resolution.

  • Todd Smith, Professor, Department of Economics, University of Alberta. Ph.D. February 1990.
    Essays on the Interpretation of Some Macroeconomic Regularities.

  • Stephen Snudden (in progress, co-supervisors: Brant Abbott and Allen Head)

  • Michael Spencer, Chief Economist (Asia), Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong. Ph.D. October 1991.
    Exchange Rates and Expectations in the European Monetary System.

  • Dieynaba Tandian, Economist, International Development Research Centre, Senegal. Ph.D. May 1996.
    Macroeconomics of the Trade Balance and Exchange Rate in the CFA Franc Zone.

  • Chris Telmer, Associate Professor, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University. Ph.D. October 1991. (co-supervisors: David Backus and Allan Gregory)
    Intertemporal Asset Pricing Theory and Incomplete Markets.

  • James Yetman, Principal Economist, Bank for International Settlements. Ph.D. September 1998. (co-supervisor: Allan Gregory)
    Essays in Macroeconomic Forecasting.