John Hartwick

Department of Economics
Dunning Hall Rooom 305
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6
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Personal Information

"The social accounting matrix (SAM) approach to representing an equilibrium system is yielding results. One is forced to account simultaneously for values of products and inputs for the complete system. In a contribution to a Gardner Brown "Advances" volume, I discovered a strange washing out of natural capital value on the input side when proper depreciation of non-renewing capital was valued on the product side. Geir Asheim and I have another version of this valuation anomaly forthcoming in Ecological Economics. The SAM approach is useful also in exploring the idea that most of government product is intermediate, rather than final "consumption". Interesting also is much government product as investment in durable government capital. I presented these arguments at the Canadian Economics Association annual meeting in Ottawa in June, 2011. My estimate of a personal discount rate for a representative individual (3.8%) based on an uncertain number of remaining years of life and on the Murphy-Topel "values of life years" is forthcoming in Economics Letters. And I have been kept busy over the past nine months, writing up my course notes for Urban Economics into a textbook, spurred on by a publisher's rep." (August 10, 2011)

Recent Publications

  • with Antoine d.Autume and Schubert, Katheline, 2010, "The zero discounting and maximin optimal paths in a simple model of global warming", Mathematical Social Sciences, Vol 59, Issue 2, March, Pages 193-207.
  • with Alexei Cheviakov, 2009. "Constant per capita consumption paths with exhaustible resources and decaying produced capital," Ecological Economics, vol. 68(12), pages 2969-2973, October.
  • with Michael Brolley, 2008. "The quadratic oil extraction oligopoly," Resource and Energy Economics, vol. 30(4), pages 568-577, December.
  • with Geir Asheim, & Buchholz, Wolfgang, & Mitra, Tapan & Withagen, Cees, 2007. "Constant savings rates and quasi-arithmetic population growth under exhaustible resource constraints," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 53(2), pages 213-229, March.
  • with Alexei F. Cheviakov, 2005. "Beckmann'S Edgeworth-Bertrand Duopoly Example Revisited," International Game Theory Review, vol. 7(04), pages 461-472.
  • with Kirk Hamilton, 2005. "Investing exhaustible resource rents and the path of consumption," Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 38(2), pages 615-621, May.


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