ECON310  Microeconomic Theory II

Winter 2020


Course instructor: Amy Sun (Dunning 309;   
                                    Office hours:
Thursdays, 9:30-10:30am

Teaching assistant: Baiyou Chen (Dunning 333;
                                       Office hours:
Tuesdays, 2:00-4:00 pm



·       [April 3, 2020] There is a typo in Question 1 of Assignment 4. The file has been updated.

·       [April 2, 2020] Assignment 4 has been posted. Please pay attention to the
special requirements listed on the assignment sheet.

·       [March 28, 2020] Revised Student Evaluation can be found in the revised  Syllabus.

·       [March 26, 2020] Here is the OneNote notes for today’s class: OneNote1

·       [March 25, 2020] Guidelines for essay have been sent out through email.

·       [March 23, 2020] Solution to Assignment 3 has been posted for self study.

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·       [March 18, 2020] We will conduct online classes during March 23 - April 3

at our regular class times. You will receive an email from Baiyou,

on behalf of me, with a link to our online class. Please read the email carefully

and attend classes on time.

·       [March 13, 2020] Assignment 3 is cancelled.

·       Please check this web-page for further updates with regards to how this course will

be conducted for the rest of the term.

·       Midterm is ready for pick-up at the distribution centre.

·       Assignment 3 has been posted.

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·       Midterm is in class on Thursday, February 27, 2020.


·       Syllabus [Revised]

Class Notes

1. Math Review

Notes1, Notes2

2. Consumer Theory

↓↓↓  Midterm Coverage
, Notes4, Notes5, Notes6

3. Production Theory/Partial Equilibrium

Notes7, Notes8, Notes9, Notes10
↑↑↑ Midterm Coverage

4. General Equilibrium

↓↓↓  Final Exam Coverage
Notes11, Notes12, Notes13

5. Game Theory

Notes14, Notes15, Notes16, Notes17


[Assignments are to be submitted to the assignment boxes on 2nd floor of Dunning, and picked up at the distribution centre on 3rd floor of Dunning.]

·       Assignment 1, solution

·       Assignment 2,[updated] solution

·       Assignment 3, solution

·       Assignment 4,[updated]

Problem Sets

·        PS1, Solution


·       Midterm 2015w, solution

·       Midterm 2017w, solution

·       Midterm 2018w, solution

·       Midterm 2019w, solution

·       Midterm 2020w, solution